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Thursday, February 28, 2013


The third book in the Walkers series and my favorite!

Coming Soon!

Was it love or lust at first site? Detective Nelson is no ordinary man and his appetite for all things female is sensatiable but he's never met a woman whom has gotten under his skin and grated his last nerves the way that Detective Green has.

Detective Green knows, no bounds. She's ruthless, tough and down right sexy as hell. She doesn't work well with others. She has no desire for a partner and especially a rookie. There's something very different about the baby faced Detective who she has now found out is her partner. He's arrogant, inexperience, egotistical, and the sexiest man she has ever seen but she has to stand her ground and keep him at arms length.

They are both forced to work together and Detective Green is doing everything she can to get rid of the sexy detective, little does she know all the murders and kidnappings are leading directly to her; someone or something is out to get her and the only person who can save her is her new partner. Will she let him save both her life and her heart and become something greater than herself as she know it...the future.